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Dr. Puttipong is widely recognized in the medical profession as the pioneer of the Korean Facial Thread Lift technique in Thailand. He is also the pioneer in innovating dermal filler injection techniques using blunt tipped needles instead of sharp tipped needles, filler injection onlay the bone, filler injection for facial contouring, filler injection for facial lift, and filler injection to reduce bags under the eyes. These accomplishments have propelled Dr. Puttipong’s reputation. Consequently, he has been invited by both local and international medical associations to deliver special lectures and demonstrate the filler injection technique since 2012 up to the present. So far Dr. Puttipong has trained more than 500 medical professionals both from Thailand and abroad. In addition he has presented many pioneering innovations in filler injection techniques such as the Butterfly Lift, Virgin Eye Lift, and Cupid Forehead. These innovative procedures have been instrumental in training more effective practices among doctors ensuring increased safety for patients. As a result, Galderma, a global dermatology company, has honored Dr. Puttipong with the title “Country Mentor Trainer” or CMT in Dermal Filler Injection Trainer. Dr. Puttipong is the only doctor with this honor in Southeast Asia.

In terms of service, Dr. Puttipong is an expert in Korean Facial Thread Lifting techniques. His practice is of the same quality as the leading experts in Korea blending the original techniques with his own development. The result is a satisfying outcome that is highly safe. In addition, his dermal filler injection techniques and pioneering innovations create a natural look that is safe for patients. To date the doctor has done more than 10,000 filler shots with no side effects reported.